Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Afternoon QUICKIE - Crochet Cable Hat

Weekly Reminder: What is a "QUICKIE" anyway?...hmmmmm, found this online: "Very little foreplay, quick finish. Usually 5 minutes, start to finish.." Perfect! Since I've demonstrated how blog challenged I am this year, a speedy, once a week drop-in is JUST what the doctor ordered (wink!).
So clear your calendar, I'm all yours for 5 minutes every Saturday afternoon...rawr

Let's make some head gear - YIPPY!...

Let's do a craft this week!
Okay, please forgive the horrible photo quality above...the important factor here, however, is that the pics here are of a crochet cabled hat that I actually made. The WONDERFUL WEBSITE that I discovered this pattern at last year has a MUCH better pic...however, I'm against for now you'll be forced to suffer looking at mine. :)
Trust me, it is NO EASY task creating the cable effect via crochet..but it can be done. What pushed me through this pattern you ask? The fact that I was making it for a gal at my church who was suffering from cancer (her cancer is in remission as I type, yes!!) and this beautiful-fashionable woman deserved to look fab and stay warm at the same time.
So.....I know we're all sweltering while reading this entry, but guess what is around the corner, my friends ~ F-A-L-L!!! It will be here before you know grab your crochet hooks and get ahead of the pack - you can do this! You too can be a Hooker, like me (*smirk*) ~

In the spirit of blog respect, I've decided not to post the actual pattern in this week's SAQ (Saturday Afternoon Quickie). This LINK (same as above) will lead you to the most updated and printable version of the mentioned FREE pattern AND many other clever patterns.
I will, however, offer you a tip from my experience with this hat...using a "J" sized hook created a very generous sized if you have a large head or plan on tucking your long hair underneath, then no worries. When I begin my new hat this week, I'm going to try an "I" sized hook to start - then graduate to an "H" when the pattern asks me to size down. I tend to crochet a bit tighter than we'll see if my new creation is the perfect fit!
Also..I used a "G" hook for the last two rows of the brim, as I wanted to give it some "grab" around the face.
Please, please, please send me pics if you try to make this hat! I would love to see your creations ~

Thanks for the QUICKIE (wink!), I'll see ya next week!

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