Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Afternoon QUICKIE - Custom Lip Balm

Sorry I missed last some drama going know how that goes, right? (wink!)

Weekly Reminder: What is a "QUICKIE" anyway?...hmmmmm, found this online: "Very little foreplay, quick finish. Usually 5 minutes, start to finish.." Perfect! Since I've demonstrated how blog challenged I am this year, a speedy, once a week drop-in is JUST what the doctor ordered (wink!).
So clear your calendar, I'm all yours for 5 minutes every Saturday afternoon...rawr

Let's make some Lip Balm - YESSS!...

Here's a basic guide for creating your own lip balm recipes ~ 20 grams makes approx. 4 tubes
20% Beeswax
25% solid at room temperature oil (Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Lanolin, etc.)
15% brittle at room temperature oil (Regular Cocoa Butter, Palm Kernel Oil, etc.)
40% liquid oil at room temperature (Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Apricot Kernel, etc.)
6-12 drops of edible essential oil
4 lip balm tubes (.15 oz) and caps.

Heat everything up EXCEPT the E.O's (essential oils) in a Pyrex 1 cup measure, within a double boiler. Just as soon as the last of the wax melts, move the pot off of the direct flame.

Take a rubberband and bind together the me, this method eliminates spills and frustration.
NOW add your E.O.'s or flavor oils....
Using a popsicle stick, mix the melted oils, waxes and E.O's together.
Using a clean pipette, draw up the mixture, then fill the tubes. If you don't have pipettes...pour very carefully!
Let sit for an hour or more...cap...enjoy!

Yes, indeed there are some "finishing" instructions related to filling these tubes, but unless you're giving them as gifts, don't sweat it.
Remember, you can customize your creations by adding different flavorings and essential oils to get the desired effect you are after. AND if you don't have "tubes", shoot..use whatever clean container you have!
Now, I can't give away my special "combo" of the above percentages (I did bold a few ingredients, however :)) I still sell products from time to time, however, this guide is pretty much a "no-brainer" can't fail using it.
This balm offers a soft, moisturized, "pin-cushion" kissable effect on your lips..not a high gloss.
If MAJOR SHINE is what you're looking for, then throw in some castor oil by all means (whoops! there goes a secret!).
I can develop some serious chapped lips in the summer, and my formulation can banish nasty lips within 2-3 days. A little tweaking and you will easily find your perfect "combo" as well!

PLEASE READ: DO NOT LEAVE THIS BALM IN A HOT CAR!! Your creation is a fine natural that means the oils can go rancid and it will melt!! Just sayin'

Thanks for the QUICKIE (wink!), I'll see ya next week!

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