Friday, June 11, 2010

Just Do It..please..snip your plastic six-pack holders

Only a quick plea....
Take a moment, grab some scissors and snip every loop on any plastic six-pack holder you're about to throw away.
Many creatures have DIED as the result of becoming entangled in or ingesting these holders according to reports.

The good news: the manufacturer of these rings now claims they are degrade after being exposed to sunlight for 90 days.
I remember as a child witnessing a poor seagull struggling along the beach shore wearing one of these ring holders...what a sad and heartbreaking sight...I'll never forget the image. :(
Even if it saves one poor creature...who can't wait 90 days for the rings to fall apart...just snip the rings before discarding into the garbage, please. :)
See you this weekend....

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