Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Goat Cheese-a-holic...that's me

Hi, my name is Sandy and I am a cheeseaholic (more specifically, a GOAT Cheeseaholic, thank you very much)
I actually stole that line from a fun blog, Cheeseaholics Anonymous....hehe!
Well, let me take a moment and describe for you a piece of what my perfect heaven would be: Sitting in the biggest comfy chair on the planet placed next to a beautiful bay window on a crystal clear day overlooking my enormous horse farm in the South in a constructed-to-perfection Southern Living home drinking a fantastic Shiraz and nibbling until my fingers are numb on Winey Goat cheese ~
Whew, was that a run-on sentence or what? :) Heaven, a fantasy....yes, but I'll never stop wishing for it!
This cheese is my absolute favorite....right up there with anything dark chocolate from See's Candies. You pretty much could ask me to do just about ANYTHING while waving this stuff under my nose.
Winey Goat is a soft white cheese made in Spain. The cheese's rind is soaked in a delicious local red wine as it cures and the result - a light, smooth textured cheese that offers a peek-a-boo essence of fruit and nuts. a.k.a. - HEAVEN.
A little goes a long way...and it's fantastic all by itself OR on bread with a "drop" of apricot preserves. What about on top of a salad with candied walnuts, dried cranberries? Yikes, I'm drooling...
I usually find Winey Goat cheese at Henry's Market ..... but this week, I actually found it at Ralphs!
Yes, it's a bit pricey ($21.00 per lb. approx.)..but so worth it.
Many have never tried goat cheese...and truth be told, goat's milk does indeed smell and taste different than the standard cow stuff we've been cubing for decades. However, it's worth a go even for the scaredy cats...not to mention, did you know that goat's milk products are easier on your digestive tract? :)
So there you have mini Five Star recommendation. Drop a line if you get a chance to try it, I'd love to hear your thoughts!!


KatieB. said...

Hi! I just found your blog - I'm a Georgia girl too. Have you tried Sweet Grass Dairy's goat cheese? So good and it's made in Georgia! Check out their web site. Also, I just did a blog redesign and used the same quote you have by Elizabeth. It pretty much sums up Southern life, doesn't it!? :)

Blasé said...

I like me some "5 Star" recommendations!

Crickets!!! I'm hearing CRICKETS!!

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