Sunday, September 07, 2008

Homeschooling Shout-Out!

I was up until 3 A.M. this morning assembling history pockets (yes, I said pockets)....I must be crazy, right? Maybe not...
I began on this journey almost 3 years ago as my oldest son was in need...a late bloomer that, "fell through the cracks," his 1st grade year. "What do you mean he has had difficulty all year?," we asked two months before the end of the year. His 1st grade teacher was a total ASS (pardon me, please - but he really was) and the result was a little boy who lost every ounce of his confidence..along with that winning smile he had on the first day of school.
It's been a tough couple of years, trying to find our niche, etc. But what a surprise I had this week! After a super fun and lazy Summer, I thought I'd try to "stump" the kiddos by asking them to answer some history questions...stuff we had covered last year. WOW-ZEE - people, they answered almost every question correctly! You mean they actually retained 90% of what they were taught last year? YUP - they actually did!
To all the homeschoolin' parents out there who are pulling their hair out...relax, have a cup of coffee...and wait for your payday - it's coming sooner than you think!

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